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Since 1994, AuntieA's has kept thousands of people, dogs, cats, and other creatures warm. Our products have saved marriages, soothed pain, and enabled people with arthritis to hold utensils so they could feed themselves.

Winne and the BBW
A Bed&Body Warmer keeps Winnie, one of our customer's dogs, warm.

Many of our customers have asked, “Is Auntie A a real person?” Yes, she is the aunt of the company founders, Peter and Beth Honebein. Auntie A has a history of making hand-crafted gifts and a flair for the unusual. Over the years, family members have received everything from parkas and puppets, to bean bag chairs and pottery.

Years ago, Auntie A made everyone in the family a Bed&Body Warmer. Where she got the idea for the Bed&Body Warmer is anyone’s guess, since Auntie A has many friends and has traveled around the world. Auntie A’s first Bed&Body Warmers came in all sorts of colors and patterns and were made from old fabric remnants.

The family loved the Bed&Body Warmer. Due to this success, Auntie A suggested that we go into the business of making Bed&Body Warmers. So we did. We experimented with several prototypes and came up with many improvements. The inner bag–outer cover design was created. Scents were added. And prototype Bed&Body Warmers were sent out to friends around the country for testing.

While forming the company, the Honebein's started making Bed&Body Warmers by hand at the dining room table evenings and weekends, and selling them to friends by word-of-mouth. Friends have given us ideas for new products, such as the Foossage and the Boot Dragon. While AuntieA’s has grown, each product we make is still made by hand in the USA and you can find them online and in upscale retail establishments nationwide.